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All road users
in compliance with the Official UK Highway Code

Get the driving licence in UK in 3 steps, by learning in your maternal language!

1 Learn by reading the questions and the explanations in maternal language, using the translation button.
2 Go again through the questions and explanations in English and use the translation button only when you need it
3 In the end, take the tests only in English, in similar conditions with the real ones in order to get the necessary score.*
*Resume the entire process till you get at leat 43 points out of 50 possible, for at least 5 consecutive tests in English only. The theoretical DVSA driving licence exam consists of two steps, the multiple choice test (minimum 43 correct answers out of 50 questions) and the hazard perception test. prepares you for the multiple choice theory test. For the hazard perception test, please contact us.
revision questions, answers and explanations, licensed by DVSA

Licensed tests

In order to provide the right questions for the driving licence test in UK, it is necessary that the company that provides those test owns the DVSA license and the right to use the content. LicenseToDrive has the necessary licence that offers us the possibility to provide you the revision questions, answers and explanations, licensed by DVSA.

You will find, in the website, the module of testing the level of knowledge with the test simulations that include all the domains and areas presented in the real test as well. Also, you will find the licensed explanations of the correct answers, just like they are provided by DVSA in all the approved materials.

Having revision questions, answers and explanations, licensed by DVSA, we can provide you the correct, completed and updated content for the questions and answers that you will find in the driving license exam in UK. LicenseToDrive is a private website, not a DVSA website, but we own the required license in order to provide correct and updated content.
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Revision questions, answers and explanations, licensed by DVSA
LicenseToDrive provides you revision questions, answers and explanations, licensed by DVSA for the driving license exam. The content of the website includes all the questions that are used in the driving license exam in UK.
Learning module and knowledge testing module
Using the website LicenseToDrive you can test your level of knowledge required to obtain the driving license in UK. In order to facilitate the knowledge, we provide you a module to learn the rules along with explanations of the correct answers to the questions.
obtain your driving license in UK

Ace Every Test

LicenseToDrive provides you, in the premium account, the learning module, with revision questions, answers and explanations, licensed by DVSA. Each correct answer is explained both logically as well as from the legislation point of view, facilitating the learning of the necessary information to obtain the driving license in UK. Also, you can use the complete test simulations with the right questions that you can go through at any moment. The provided answers are marked as correct or wrong and you can see the test again to check certain questions.

You are able to see the progress in the acquiring of knowledge and you can see for which one of the right categories you need to study more.
LicenseToDrive provides you the necessary support in order to learn and test the level of knowledge so that you can pass the driving license exam in UK successfully.
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Free test of your knowledge level with demo test
In order to test your initial level of knowledge, we provide you a free demo test, with the revision questions licesed by DVSA that are used in the driving license exam in UK
Learn and be ready for the exam
The premium account allows you to access the learning module and the testing module of the knowledge, with test simulations from updated DVSA questions. You are provided with revision questions, answers and explanations, licensed by DVSA , along with other useful materials in order to pass the driving license exam for driving in UK.

frequently asked questions

How does the platform work?

In order to access the platform, you need an internet connection. The site can be accessed from both the computer (or laptop) and the mobile phone.

Why it is recommended to create an account on the site?

By creating an account, you have access to the demo version of a DVSA test. Also, if you decide to pay a monthly subscription or a 3-month package, you have access to all updated revision questions, answers and explanations, licensed by DVSA, both in the form of tests and in the learning module, with explanations for the right answers.

What types of accounts can you create?

You can create a simple, cost free account with which you can solve a demo test or create a premium account, paying a monthly fee or a 3 month package that gives you access to the entire site content, complete quizzes with official questions, and the learning module, with explanations for the correct answers.

How much does it cost?

In order to get access to English content for a month, the cost is £ 6. If you want to buy a 3-month package that will allow you access to English content, the cost is 15 pounds. To get access to English content and content translated into one language for a month, the cost is £ 20. For a 3-month package that allows you access to English content and translated content in a language, the package is 50 pounds.

How do I pay?

Payment can be made directly to the site, via PayPal, or by bank transfer, mentioning the payee account.

How long does it take to access the site?

If you pay by PayPal, you can access the site immediately after your payment has been confirmed for the period you paid (one month or 3 months). If you make a payment by bank transfer, you can access the site as soon as the payment is confirmed in our system for the period you paid (one month or 3 months).

Can you give another person the details for login on your account?

We recommend that you never disclose access information to sites or bank information to any other person for security reasons. Within this site, each account is associated with one person. If we notice suspicious activities, we reserve the right to investigate, suspend or close any account that is accessed by multiple users based on the same account data.

Are the questions from the site similar with those that you will have on the exam?

The licenseetodrive site has the right to use the official questions you will meet on the site. The questions are updated in accordance with the periodic instructions received from DVSA.

Is this an official DVSA website?

Licensetodrive is not an official DVSA site but holds the rights and license required to publish revision questions, answers and explanations, licensed by DVSA.

Can I track my evolution and find out recommendations to learn more effectively?

You will receive a set of recommendations on how to go through the learning module and how to perform the tests. Furthermore, your progress will be monitored, and you will be able to see what categories of questions you score better or lower, focusing on those questions.

How long do I have to run a test and how many questions are in a test?

As mentioned above, tests are similar to the official ones and contain official questions. Therefore, the official test conditions are simulated: for the 50 questions in each test, you have 57 minutes per test.

What is the Flag option in the test?

By simulating official testing, we give you the possibility to tag a Flag question, which allows a learner to come back exactly to the question he or she wants more time to analyze before answering, not to waste valuable time.

What is Demo Test from the site?

To get a picture of the questions and features available in your premium (paid) account, we provide you with a Demo test with a limited number of fixed questions. You can go through this test whenever you want, for look and feel, but the questions will not vary, as with the Premium account.

What custom options are in the premium account?

In your premium account, you can track your progress by saving all the test scores. Moreover, the scores in the learning area will be saved, providing you a clear image regarding the chapters that you need to insist more.

Are the premium account tests static or different?

Each test you give in your premium account is randomly built by the platform based on well-defined and implemented algorithms. For example, the 7th test that appears to a learner is not identical to the 7th test of any other student in the platform.

How much do I have to pay to have a premium account?

Rates for accessing and using a premium account have been created differently, just to be able to choose from several options.

As a period of time, you can choose between a one-month subscription and a 3-month subscription. For the 3-month subscription, there is a calculated discount and displayed in cost.

As a content, you can choose between a subscription with exclusive content in English and English and foreign language (translation).

Thus, the costs for a premium account are:
-1-month, English version, 6 pounds (all taxes included);
-3 months, English version, 15 pounds (all taxes included);
-1-month, English version and 1 translated language (at your choice of options), 20 pounds (all taxes included);
-3 months, English version and 1 translated language (at choice of existing options), 50 pounds (all taxes included).

Can I change the subscription type after I've paid?

Changing the type of subscription after payment and validating payment in the system (manually or automatically, depending on the payment method) can only be done exceptionally by contacting the site administrators. Requesting a change in the subscription before the expiration period does not necessarily implies the change of subscription. The site management team will decide for each situation, depending on each case characteristics. You will be able to make changes online from the platform, guaranteed only after the expiration of a subscription, when you purchase another subscription.

When do I have to pay?

The first purchase of a package can be done as soon as you want to start the courses and test the platform. Depending on the payment method chosen, access may be instant (PayPal) or may take several days (bank transfer) until payment is validated by a system operator.

What happens if I don’t pay anymore?

With the purchase of a package, you will be able to see the date on which your subscription expires. You can pay at any time and the initial period will be automatically extended for the duration of the subscription later purchased. If your period of validity has expired and you no longer have access to the premium account, you can make a payment at any time, and then reactivate your premium account at the time of payment validation.

If you no longer want to continue paying, all you have to do is not to reactivate your premium account again with a new payment.